Death was what I met last night!

"THE ANGEL OF DEATH HAS VISITED ME! " my soul did say.
To be honest and truthful such was the tale.

When the sun went hiding and stars did bloomed,
I offered my prayer and snoozed in my sanctified room.

As I opened my eyes in the world of nod,
a spirit did descend,flying from the world of GOD.

He called my name twice or more,
I remained balmy, trying to ignore.

"I am not a fool !!"the angel bowled, to wake me up,
I knew! but how could I let him take me up.

Eventually, the Angel became mad,
with a cry, he jumped on my bed.

At once I began to shiver,
as one sweating in deadly fever.

Bewildered, my soul began to cry,
"O Angel! I am so afraid to die,
I'll give you diamonds and be your slave ,
please! don't send me to the unlit grave.

The angel said "Poor fellow! it's too late,
each soul has its given date ,
when it must meet with its eternal fate,
thereby it walks through a deadly gate."

Come on little fellow! it's time to leave & you must go!
do not waste my time , I have to take lives row by row."

At last! I gave up hope , like a hopeless sigh,
I got ready to die in fact without a word of cry.

I made up my mind not to argue anymore,
I know death is tasteless & a complete bore,

in fact I wasn't ready to leave my body's core ,
but how could I let God's will be ignored?.

Finally, a chilly wind began to blow,
within my soul from head to toe,

I could hear my footsteps leaving slow,
this was the signal that I must go.

But before my soul could fly,
the Angel heard a voice right form the sky,

"My servant! this is not the guy , who will die,
but it is the one next door, let him sigh."

Thereafter,the Angel blithely said,
"lucky boy! be happy you are saved."

Stretching his feathers, the Angel began to fly,
"God is great! God is great!" I began to cry.

Thank you my Majesty for saving me from that terrible plight,

"The above Poem is completely fictitious & doesn't represent the doctrines of Islam"

--[]::: Written and edited by Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai :::[][]--