Sailing back into the world of reality,
My eyes observed a Planet dwelling in full obscurity.

Creeping forward to discover the truth, behind the enchanted place,
My soul tented to draw backward after glancing at its dreadful face.

The natural environment reflected just like a Gladiator Arena, cherishing monocracy
Where love and friendship were forced to fight for the pleasure of autocracy.

The dark, skinny mortals living therein looked so weired,
Just like any woman being disguised with a coarse beared.

Their warm - heartedness reminded me of a blood-sucking vampire,
Robbery, bloodshed, aggravated assault was all part of that deadly empire.

Worshipping idols, feeding on dead animals, practising immorality,
This was what they named as a daily formality.

Bearing false-witness, speaking ill of chaste women and deserting families,
This was nothing except a common practice followed by all tribal vallies.

Such were the conditions when God sent unto them a Last Prophet and a devine light,
That provoked the idolatry to raise its neck from a huge height.

Miraculously mighty enough was their impact that melted away all the false human illusions,
At last the holy struggle resulted in the rapid escape of the foes in utter confusion.

Thereafter shined the brilliant sky, enriched with rainbow lights,
Where love and friendship were given equal proper rights.

Crime was condemned and every hand involved was detected,
Through love, peace and honour all legitimate rights of the people were accepted.

A strong bond of brotherhood and fraternity was established,
Enmity, jealousy and hatred did vanish.

Despite cursing rivals blessings were sent to each other by saying salaam,
Thus took place the birth of the universal religion Islam.

God is now known as Raheem and Rahman,
Such were the miracles of the Prophet and Quran.

---[]:::: Written and edited by Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai ::::[]---